Hey there,
due to the many email inquiries I received recently, I just summarized my personal strategy to enter the tattoo industry quickly and uncomplicated. This strategy can of course also be realized on a part-time basis.

1. learning stage
Start to learn tattooing quickly and efficiently with professional guidance. This can be a tattoo seminar in your neighbourhood or the online video tutorial that I am currently putting together.

2. Set up a workplace
Set up a disinfectable and tidy workplace for yourself at home.

3. practicing stage
When it is time for the first customers , there will certainly be some volunteers from your circle of acquaintances who will put themselves under your needle. And if not: place a small ad on ebay that you tattoo for free and are still in the learning phase. You will be surprised how many people will contact you!

4. documentation
Photograph EVERY tattoo you did. Try to make the best of the tattoo while taking pictures!

5. customer acquisition
Now you can acquire customers with the photos of your most successful tattoos. Back then I almost acquired one customer every day on Ebay small ads for about 2 years. Instagram is also a very good place to find customers. At first I only took the material cost price. The better my tattoos became, the more I increased the price then step by step (“tattoo novice tattoos for 30 euros an hour”).
Most people know how expensive tattoos are if done by experienced tattoo artists, so I always found more than enough people who were attracted by the reduced prices.
What also helped very well was the following sentence: “The regular price would be XY, but I will give you a special price of XY-Z%”. Always attracts people !

You must use this phase to get great pictures of your (best) work !

6. further development
every day I hear how many tattoo parlours are desperately looking for tattoo artists….As soon as you have gained some experience and a respectable portfolio, you will ALWAYS be able to get a full time job in a studio shop without any problems. Because then you are able to immediately genererate some sales for the tattoo shop (in contrast to an apprentice who will generate only costs during the first year).

Another option is of course to open your own studio or to continue to run business as a “private atelier” at home.
All three options have their advantages… maybe a good topic for one of my next blog posts 🙂

kind regards,
Dr. K