My name is Roland, and I am a Tattoo Artist, located in Germany, Europe. In the tattoo scene they call me “Dr. Kranzenstein” or just “Dr.K.”

I am 38 and have been tattooing for about 7 years. Before I started tattooing , I had a really serious job in the field of Finance & Controlling. Because I didn't know what to do after school, I had studied business administration.  And then I spent years torturing myself with jobs that had nothing to do with fun and creativity.

But life is too short to do something you don't enjoy 40 hours a week!

And so, after years of struggle, I took the courage to try something completely new as a profession.

And why tattooing?

At that time I was neither totally talented in drawing nor was I heavily tattooed (to be honest I was not tattooed at all).

But: I wanted to do something creative. Preferably short projects, where you can take a sense of achievement home with you every day. Ideally something to make people a little happy with. Independence was also important to me, because I just didn't want to have to sit in front of a despotic boss anymore. And of course it had to be something with which you can earn money relatively quickly. I simply could not have afforded a second degree or training.

So I quickly realized that I wanted to learn how to tattoo.

But how do you get started? I had a hard time browsing the internet for weeks, reading through various online forums…

What would I have given to know a tattoo professional who would explain the possibilities and maybe even have some tips on how to do it best.

That´s why after I became an acknowledged Tattoo Artist, I became a tattooing Teacher, too

Because learning to tattoo was one of the best decisions of my life.

To have a job that you enjoy, in a creative but relaxed environment – that is pure quality of life!

And therefore I think that everyone who seriously wants to learn tattooing should also get a chance to do so. That is why I am developing a comprehensive online video tutorial at the moment.

Because with my current knowledge, I am certain that learning to tattoo is first and foremost a matter of practice and routine. So – don't let yourself be discouraged or distracted from your path – you owe it to yourself.