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Tattoo Tutorial online - part II: Color Packing & Shading
Your Step-by-Step program for solid packed spots and smooth shadings.

  • learn the two most important tattooing skills, which you will need in almost every tattoo style: COLOR PACKING and SHADING
  • earn average 150 $ per hour as an acknowledged tattoo artist with a creative and fun job within short time
  • be loved by your customers for the HIGH-QUALITY TATTOOS you will be able to make
  • save a lot of time and nerve-wrecking trial and error by using my step by step guides and exercises to DEVELOPE THE SKILLS for making smooth shadings and solid packed spots
  • stay MOTIVATED thanks to steady learning progress

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Are you one of the thousands of people out there, who dream  about becoming a Tattoo Artist?
If yes, you have a lot of reasons to:

  • You can earn between 100 and 200 dollars per hour, depending on your skills and competitive situation
  • It is easy to be self-employed and set up your own shop (do you have an idea, how much I enjoy it, to come into my own shop every day, having no grumpy boss that tells me what to do?)
  • You can work creatively and make a living on making art, it´s something new every day and never gets boring
  • It´s easy to work almost anywhere in the world as guest artist. So even if you don´t find customers right where you live, you certainly will find some in other places
  • it will feel great to give up your old job, if you are unhappy with it

But did you know, that only 3% of that people learn tattooing as an apprentice in a tattoo shop. The reason for this is that Tattoo Apprenticeships are quite expensive and hard to find.

The remaining 97 % try to learn tattooing by theirselves at home, but only 2% of them manage to learn tattooing and actually make a living as a tattoo artist.

Why is that:

  • without having a professional on your side, who reveals all the tips and tricks and shows the techniques, it is very UNLIKELY that you´ll discover them yourself
  • and if so, it will take many month or even years, to discover them by TRIAL-AND-ERROR
  • many people try to learn something from watching youtube videos, but run a high risk to ADOPT FAULTY TECHNIQUES. That´s because either the videos come from youtubers that are beginners themselves or the techniques are not explained in a way a beginner can understand and apply
  • To make things worse, the longer you get used to a FAULTY TECHNIQUE, the harder it will be to relearn it in the correct way
  • Having little or no learning progress ist FRUSTRATING and makes people GIVING UP

As a result, 95 % FAIL in learning tattooing  and will never make their dream come true .

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Why you should choose my Tattoo tutorial online

I am Dr. K, Tattoo Artist from Germany. I know how difficult it is to enter the tattoo business. When I learned tattooing 7 years ago, I faced the same problems that you probably face right now.

That´s why I want to help.

During the last 5 years, I have trained roundabout 25 people in my Tattoo parlor in Germany.

Because of this experience I know what beginners need to train the hand-eye-coordination and how to explain the techniques in a way that a beginner can understand and apply them.

Unlike other online tutorials, You are getting not only very comprehensive  step-by-step instructions…

you will also get my unique training program, that I developed specifically to build your packing and shading skills from scratch.

With the german version of my tutorial, almost 300 people have meanwhile learned tattooing.

take your chance and see for yourself how easy it can be to learn how to tattoo.

Get full access to 'part II - PACKING & SHADING' now

single price 99 US $

Secure 1-time purchase is fully covered by my 14 days money back guarantee.

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And no, we’re not talking about giving away one or two hints that you could have found on youtube, too …we’re talking about me, passing on my COMPLETE secret knowledge, acquired over the years of experience as a professional tattoo artist:

Lessons 1-11: Everything you need to know about the techniques of PACKING color

  • choosing the proper needle to pack large areas and tiny spots
  • working speed and power supply adjustments
  • how to hold the tattoo machine & what angle to use best
  • skin layers & how deep to go
  • best body posture & and how to stretch the skin the right way
  • movement pattern of your hand to easily get even and solid packed spots

Lessons 12.1-12.15:  15-days-Training-Program that will BUILD your PACKING SKILLS

  • these 15 exercises will BUILD your color Packing skills one by one from scratch
  • thanks to my head camera,you will look through my eyes while I demonstrate every exercise
  • I explain everything I do and give away all the secret tricks
  • You will learn more than some tattooist are capable of after years of tattooing:
  • make solid packed spots without blotches or blank gaps
  • learn a special technique, that will make you avoid overstraining the skin
  • how to recognize spots that needs to be reworked
  • diffferences with packing black and other solors

Lessons 13: most COMMOM PROBLEMS with packing, that you most likely experience as a tattoo artist &  and how to solve them

  • all the secrets to solve FREQUENT PROBLEMS when Packing Color, that is:
  • you go to deep, causing blow outs and scarring
  • you don´t get the ink under the skin
  • your customers experience bad healing or heavy encrustation
  • the spot look solid after tattooing , but spotty after healing

Lessons 14 - 24: Everything you need to know about the TECHNIQUES of Shading

  • choosing the proper needle for soft shadings
  • working speed and power supply adjustments
  • how to move the machine to get the softest shadings ever
  • how deep to go & how to easily stretch the skin
  • shading principles, that will add three-dimensionality to your tattoos
  • Make shading easy with Greywash Tones
  • Learn shading techniques like Whip-Shading, Blending, Speed-dotting and conventional Dotwork

Lessons 25.1 - 25.15 : 15-days-Training-Program, that will BUILD your shading skills

  • how to easily make soft gradients from dark to bright
  • how to use the magnum to make sharp edges
  • using the magnum to shade even the most narrow spots
  • manage to shade large areas evenly

Lesson 26: how to solve your most common problems with SHADING

  • learn to make really soft shadings instead of pepper-shades
  • avoid making shades that become to pale after healing
  • avoid making shadings that look scratchy and spotty

Lesson 27: Exam & Certification

BONUS: you will get access to my secret Tattooing Masterclass on Facebook, where I will answer all of your questions on a daiy basis.

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What my Students say about the Tattoo Tutorial online:

just wanted to thank you. My lining skills improved LOTS.

have  done everything as you described... and it all worked out !

This is a picture of one of my students:

The Tattoo in the picture is the fist Packing and Shading work she ever did.. Okay, it´s just artificial skin, but the the black spots are packed really solid and the shadings are soft and smooth. She was so happy that she was finally able to do this, after attending my tutorial.

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Money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the tutorial, you can cancel your order within 14 days without giving any reason and get your money back – no questions asked !

Thanks for visiting this page. I hope you reach or exceed ALL of your goals, and would be honored to help.

Dr. K, Tattoo Artist & Tattooing Teacher

P.S. Please understand this is an extremely time-sensitive offer. Once the promotional copies are sold out, the price WILL jump to a monthly fee. Get in now for a low one-time cost and you’re completely covered by my unconditional money back guarantee.

P.P.S. In a month from now, you could still be working your a$$ off doing your old job … OR you could be on your way to earn $150+ as a professional Tattoo Artist. Hit the button now and let’s work together to build the fundaments of YOUR tattooing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q.Is this beginner friendly?

    A.Yes, my tutorial is 100% beginner friendly. No matter if you already have some experience or didn´t even hold a tattoo machine in your hands before, this tutorial is the right thing for you. You´ll learn the correct techniques from scratch.

  • Q.I am not a native english speaker. Will I be able to attend?

    A.Yes. Large parts of the tutorial are video in combination with text. I did anything to make this understandable for non-english-native speakers, too.

  • Q.How quickly can I get results?

    A.This depends on how much effort you put in this. I designed Linework tutorial in a way that you can work your way throuh within 40 days, spending 1-2 hours a day.

  • Q.What Equipment will I need to attend?

    A.You will need internet and a device that can play video and audio (tablet / smartphone / computer). Of course you will need tattoo equipment and other training material. What exactly this is, I´ll tell you during the first lessons.

  • Q.Are there any special requirements to learn tattooing?

    A.There are no special requirements.

    in my opinion, the most important characteristics, in order to learn tattooing and becoming a tattoo artist, are : AMBITION and PERSISTANCE .

  • Q.Do I need some kind of certification to be allowed to work as a tattoo artist?

    A.in 98 % of all countries of the world, you do not need a certification to work as a tattoo artist. Nevertheless, I will provide a personal CERTIFICATE for you after you passed an exam online.

    What you will have to do is to register a business.

  • Q.Is the access to the tutorial limited somehow?

    A.No. You can watch the lessons whenever you want and how often you like. It´s a lifetime access.