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Tattoo Tutorial online - part I: Linework
Your comprehensive step-by-step program to solid and neat lines

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  • Lessons 1-11: Everything you need to know about the TECHNIQUES of tattooing lines
  • Lessons 12.1 - 12.30: 30-Days training program with 30 skill-developing exercises. While tattooing I filmed myself with the head camera and commented and explained everything I do... so you really won't miss any tips and tricks
  • Lesson 13: All the secrets to solve FREQUENT PROBLEMS when making lines. Learn how to avoid the worst case of tattooing, that is, going to deep (causing blow outs and scarring). I´ll show you how to make lines that still look NEAT and SOLID after healing.
  • This tutorial will MASSIVLY improve your linework and thus lay the foundation for your successful tattoo career.
  • within a very short time you will gain extensive professional knowledge and skills, which other tattoo artists have to acquire by themselves tiresomely over several years.
  • With the `Tattoo Tutorial online´ you can SAVE the following:
  • Training fee of 5,000 to 20,000 US $ for an apprenticeship in a tattoo shop
  • Fee of 1,000 to 5,000 US $ for a weekly training (if available in your area)
  • years of trying and getting used to the wrong techniques, and thus annoying friends and acquaintances with low-quality tattoos.
  • a job you're unhappy with, while you could already earn good money working as a tattoo artist.
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