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Do I have to meet certain requirements to become a tattoo artist?

  • in most countries, tattoo artist ist not an officially trained profession
  • Anyone who registers a tattooing business may practise the profession of tattoo artist. No certificate or other proof of qualification is required.
  • however, the participants of the tattoo tutorial receive a CERTIFICATE for each part of the tutorial, which documents the participation in the tutorial and its contents (downloadable after passing a small exam)

What opportunities are there in general to learn how to tattoo and become a tattoo artist?

  • full-time apprenticeship in a tattoo shop: duration 1 -3 years. Only very few tattoo shops offer this possibility at all, therefore it is very difficult to achieve an apprenticeship . Most shops charge a training fee of 5,000 to 20,000 US $, which must be paid at the beginning of the apprenticeship.
  • weekly course: Some tattoo shops or private tattoo schools offer a crash course that runs for a week or a few days. These courses cost around 1,000  to 5,000 US $.
  • Tattoo Tutorial online: can be done at home and at any time you like. Part I costs 99 US $
  • Self-educational, without any professional guidance: does not cost anything, but most people give up very quickly due to the poor learning results.

What are the requirements to participate in the online tutorial?

  • To watch the tutorial videos you need internet access and a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • you will need tattoo equipment for practicing, which I will describe in detail in the tutorial
  • There are no age restrictions
  • You should be able to practice at least on hour per day

What is the structure of the tutorial like?

  • the access to the tutorial is not limited in time. You can watch all videos as often and as long as you like
  • The course is divided into three parts. Part I:Lining, Part II: Shading & Color blocking, Part III: Equipment and Sanitation
  • In total, the Tutorial contains 113 lessons with over 600 minutes of video material. While tattooing I filmed myself with the head camera and commented and explained everything I do... so you really won't miss any tips and tricks
  • In the free test access, you can only open those lessons marked with (TEST ACCESS)
  • After purchasing the tutorial, you log into the same user interface, but can then also access the lessons marked with (PREMIUM).

What are the costs for the tattoo tutorial?

  • Tattoo basics part I: LINING  can be purchased for 99 US $ (introductory price until 31.10.2018)
  • Tattoo basics part II: SHADING & BLOCKING COLOR will be available in october 2018 for 120 US $
  • Tattoo basics part III: EQUIPMENT & SANITATION will be available in december 2018 for 99 US $