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Part 1: Linework (43 video Lessons)

  • Lessons 1-11: Everything you need to know about the TECHNIQUES of tattooing lines
  • Lesson 13: All the secrets to solve FREQUENT PROBLEMS when making lines. Learn how to avoid the worst case of tattooing, that is, going to deep (causing blow outs and scarring). I´ll show you how to make lines that still look NEAT and SOLID after healing
  • Lessons 12.1 - 12.30: 30-Days training-schedule with 30 live tattooing hands-on exercises. While tattooing I filmed myself with the head camera and commented and explained everything I do... so you really won't miss any tips and tricks

Part 2: Packing & Shading (56 Video Lessons)

  • Lesson 1-11: Everything you need to know about the techniques of packing color
  • Lessons 12.1 - 12.15: Training program color packing , consisting of 15 SKILL-DEVELOPING exercises. I filmed myself during tattoing while explaining everythig I do.
  • Lesson 13: All the secrets to solve FREQUENT PROBLEMS when packing color. Learn how you get solid packed spots without blotches or gaps.
  • Lessons 14-24: Everything you need to know about the TECHNIQUES of shading
  • Lessons 25.1 - 25.15: Training program Shading with 15 skill-developing exercises. Due to the use of my head camera, it´s like you see through my eyes while tattooing.

Part 3: Equipment & Sanitation (13 Video Lessons)

  • Lessons 3-4: How are COIL MACHINES working? Learn Set up and Adjustments. What are the differences with regard to ROTARY MACHINES, and which are best for BEGINNERS?
  • Lessons 1-2: EQUIPMENT- what you need to get started & what makes sense in the long run
  • Lessons 5-6: What are the differences between the many needle configurations and which NEEDLE do you use for what? What are the best INKS?
  • Lessons 7-12: Everything you need to know about supplies, Sanitation, official requirements, Disinfektion plan
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