Tattoo Tutorial Part III: Equioment & Sanitation
How you can instantly improve your techniques by using the proper Equipment and Supplies.

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Buy now: 'Part III - Equipment & Sanitation'

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Buy now: 'Part III - Equipment & Sanitation'
  • Lessons 1-2: EQUIPMENT- what you need to get started & what makes sense in the long run
  • Lessons 3-4: How are COIL MACHINES working? Learn Set up and Adjustments. What are the differences with regard to ROTARY MACHINES, and which are best for BEGINNERS?
  • Lessons 5-6: What are the differences between the many needle configurations and which NEEDLE do you use for what? What are the best INKS?
  • Lessons 7-12: Everything you need to know about supplies, Sanitation, official requirements, Disinfektion plan
  • I will show you where you should invest in decent equipment... and tell you in which cases you can save hundreds of Euros.
  • With the `Tattoo Tutorial online´ you can SAVE the following:
  • Training fee of 5,000 to 20,000 US $ for an apprenticeship in a tattoo shop
  • Fee of 1,000 to 5,000 US $ for a weekly training (if available in your area)
  • years of trying and getting used to the wrong techniques, and thus annoying friends and acquaintances with low-quality tattoos
  • a job you're unhappy with, while you could already earn good money working as a tattoo artist.