Hi, I am Dr. K, Tattoo Artist & Teacher from Germany.

Please take the time and watch my 2-minute-Intro Video (I hope you don´t mind my german accent):

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I learned tattooing self-taught 7 years ago, and I was facing the same problems you probably face right now.

That´s why I´ve put together this epic video tutorial, stuffed with 110 Lessons, teaching Linework, Color Packing and Shading techniques as well as everything a Tattoo Artist got to know about Equipment and hygienic working.

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    I will pass on my 7-years professional knowledge and will teach you the complete theoretical and practical basics of tattooing.

    within a very short time you will gain extensive professional knowledge and skills, which other tattoo artists have to acquire by themselves tiresomely over several years.

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    The tutorial consists of three parts. Part I: Lining, Part II: Shading & color packing, Part III: Equipment and sanitation

    For each of the 3 parts you will receive your personal CERTIFICATE of participation as download.

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    Every technique you will ever need is clearly explained in the video lessons. In addition to that, you get access to my unique TRAINING PROGRAM, that will build your lining, packing and shading techniques from scratch

    In total, the Tutorial contains 113 lessons with over 600 minutes of video explanations. While tattooing I filmed myself with the head camera and commented and explained everything I do... so you really won't miss any tip and trick

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    the access to the tutorial is not limited in time.

    I designed the tutorial in a way that that it can be completed within 60 days. However, this is NOT a must-do. You can watch all lessons as often and as long as you want and whenever you want. The course is available to you for life. All you need is a computer/tablet/smartphone and internet connection.